aswinAshwin Abrahams

His dream is to do a course so that he can find work and show his family that he can do something with his life. After completing his first three day marathon he said it was such a good feeling to be able to ‘finish something’.

erich3Kevin Adams

Kevin is new to the group and really enjoys paddling at the dam. He wants to take part in the 2014 Sprint season.

erich4Aiden Van Wyk

Aiden is a new paddler and really enjoys going to sprints and paddling at the dam.

lounaLouna Louw

She competed in the South African Marathon championship as well as the sprint championship in 2013. Her goal is to get on the podium next year. She wants to become  a social worker one day so that she can help other people.

christiaanChristiaan Louw

He is improving very quickly in canoeing. He wants to become a social worker one day.

AliciaAlicia Pietersen

She has been paddling for about three years and competed in her first South African Sprint Championship in 2012 in Pretoria. She wants to become a doctor one day.

erich5Jevandre Plaatjies

Jevandre  is really enjoying being part of canoeing and loves the weekly dices.

esminEsmin Parsons

He is an extremely talented sportsman and competed in his first river marathon last year with his development coach. He is currently training for the 2013 Berg River Marathon. One of his dreams is to become a plumber.

vanessaVanessa Newman

Is a beginner paddler and new to the group. Vanessa says she wants to be a doctor one day.

morneMorné Jumeni

He is quite an experienced paddler and his goal is to make the South African Team in Canoeing.

deonDeon Bester

He has recently been employed as the beginner coach. He wants to compete in the Berg River Canoe Marathon in 2013.

conroy2Conroy Abrahams

He has been paddling for about 3 years and competed in his second South African Sprint Championship in Pretoria in 2013.

corneyCorne Abrahams

He has been paddling for about three years and his goal is to get a podium position South African Sprint Championship in 2014.

wilfred2Wilfred Pearce

His goal is to start river paddling in 2014.

enricoEnrico van Niekerk

He is competing in his first Berg River Marathon this year. He is an extremely hard worker.

erich2Rowaldo Stigland

Rowaldo is very dedicated and wants to take part in the 2014 river season.

erich1Melvin Kondlo

Melvin has recently started paddling and really enjoys it.