Sport for Life was started in 2011 by Kirsten Penderis, the founder of the organization. She is a canoeing enthusiast herself and is currently completing her Masters degree in Sport and Community Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch. She has always had an interest in Sport and Community Development and has used her canoeing and psychology experience to start a development program around Stellenbosch Canoe Club. Sharon Penderis is one of the advisors of the program. She is currently a senior lecturer and researcher at the institute for Social Development at the University of the Western Cape. She is also a council member of the South African Development Studies Association (SADSA). She has 20 years experience as a lecturer and has been involved in numerous community development programs among disadvantaged communities.

Anthony Penderis owner of Through the Fence Communications is a communications expert, events organizer and seasoned journalist. He is involved with sponsorship procurement and media liaison for the program and also assists with general management of the team. As a previous Springbok canoeist he provides valuable insight within the sport aspect of the program. Louw van Riet is an IT specialist and provides technical assistance for the program. He manages the website and social media for Sport for Life. He is also a sport enthusiast and has many years experience as a canoeist. Louw provides his canoeing expertise to the students in the program.

Ashwin Abrahams enjoys river races the most and also works with the maintenance team. Esmin Parsons really enjoys training for canoeing and rugby. He is still finishing high school but also coaches in the program. Morné Jumeni is an extremely talented sportsman and has recently been employed as part of the maintenance team at the clubhouse.

Enrico van Niekerk is really improving as a canoeist and is preparing for his first major canoe marathon this year. He has recently been employed as part of the maintenance team which involves keeping the clubhouse and equipment in order. Deon Bester is also preparing for his first major canoe marathon this year and has been coaching the younger students in the program.